Richard Corrigan

"My intentions were never a hotel, but rather a “hometel.” It’s a cross between a country house and the efficiencies of a great hotel, but with a real sense of your own home, your own space and your own staff."

Virginia Park Lodge is an authentic showcase of Chef Corrigan’s values; sourcing local, sustainable and seasonal produce from independent suppliers - including our very own gardens and produce.

Richard’s culinary career, in brief, spans several years in the Netherlands, head chef of Mulligan’s in Mayfair in London and his first Michelin star, awarded to him when he was head chef of Fulham Road in 1994, also in London. Richard went on to open Lindsay House in Soho, London, and won a Michelin star there in 1997.

Virginia Park Lodge is very special to Richard as this is where he married his wife, Maria, 28 years ago.

Our Menus

All menus at Virginia Park Lodge are exclusively created by Richard Corrigan, they are compiled using only the finest natural produce, a true reflection of Richard’s passion for wild, flavour-rich and unpretentious cooking. We source the best seasonal food insisting on freshness and quality. We are proud to support local farmers, food producers and suppliers.

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