June Blooms

June finds us busy finishing of the last of the planting for this season, carrots, beetroot, kales and beans for autumn harvest are all sown and planted. Right now we have salad leaf mix, garlic, purple mangetout and broad beans all making their way to the kitchen.  While we watch with anticipation as our summer beetroots, baby turnips, kohl rabi, early spuds and tomatoes near harvest time.

We were delighted to see that our blight resistant spuds came through the last week and a half of showery humid weather (which is perfect weather for blight to spread) completely unscathed with out us having to use any sprays. Meanwhile our five laying hens are happy out in their new home under the big oak tree in the garden, and importantly, doing a good job keeping the weeds down!

Our wildflower meadow has been sown as well, check out our twitter page, @Gooseberryfarm, for snapshots of how it develops over the season.Apart from that we carry on with the other important job of keeping the ornamental gardens weed-free and looking stunning for all events.
The work never stops!