Team Building

A country estate with over 200 acres of incredible grounds, Virginia Park Lodge is a truly unique destination perfect for team building activities in Ireland. 

Just an hour from Dublin, your visit to Virginia Park Lodge will bring everyone together in one location to enjoy the great outdoors, team spirit and complete relaxation. 

Team building days

For businesses, culture is one of the most significant things staff and prospective employees consider. People want to work for a business that cares for them and their well-being. There are a number of things you can do within the office, but also plenty you can do outside of the office, and one of those is team building activities. 

Team building offers a strategic departure from the confines of the office and allows your team to break away from the every day and enjoy some time spent in the outdoors. These immersive experiences are designed to cultivate a stronger sense of camaraderie, unlock creative potential, and ultimately, propel your team towards shared goals through team games and shared ideas. What’s more, carefully curated activities encourage collaboration and problem-solving in a dynamic setting.

Working together towards a common objective, be it navigating a nine-hole golf course or competing in clay pigeon shooting, strengthens existing bonds and fosters new connections you wouldn’t have made in the office. These shared experiences create a powerful foundation of trust and mutual respect between colleagues, translating into a more unified and productive team when you return to the office.

By investing in your team's development, you're fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and resilience. Improved communication and problem solving skills translate directly into enhanced project efficiency. A team that gels seamlessly is a team that achieves remarkable things.

Plenty of team building activities

Virginia Park Lodge transcends the realm of a mere venue; it transforms into a catalyst for team growth and transformation. Nestled on 100 acres of private grounds, the Lodge offers a captivating tapestry of experiences designed to engage, invigorate, and inspire your team. Virginia Park Lodge offers a selection of team building activities for your team. Challenge your colleagues and cultivate friendly competition on the idyllic nine-hole course at the neighbouring Virginia Golf Club. Imagine strategising shots and celebrating victories against the backdrop of the serene Lough Ramor. Or perhaps forge deeper bonds by casting a line together on the historic Lough. Whether a seasoned angler or a curious novice, the peacefulness of the lake and the thrill of a potential catch create a shared experience that fosters camaraderie.

Alternatively, test your hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking with a spot of clay pigeon shooting. Professional stalkers, guides, and instructors ensure a safe and exhilarating experience, perfect for honing focus and building trust within the team. Catering can also be provided for a day of activities on the grounds. Then, at the end of a long day, embark on guided walks through the majestic acres of surrounding woodlands. Immerse yourselves in the beauty of the Irish countryside, allowing fresh air and nature's tranquillity to work their magic and entice new conversations and new bonds between your teams.

Team building days at Virginia Park Lodge

The wider Virginia Park Lodge venue offers the perfect sanctuary for relaxation and reflection. Retire to any of their incredible on-site accommodations, designed to cater to every comfort and preference. The Lodge boasts luxurious guest house accommodation, providing the amenities of a modern hotel and comfortable lodging for up to 125 guests. Choose from a variety of options, each meticulously designed to ensure a restful and rejuvenating stay. Settle into charming double bedrooms nestled within the main house. Wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the next day. Or perhaps opt for the idyllic courtyard cottages, located just a short stroll from the main house. Immerse yourselves in the tranquillity of your own private space. 

Additionally, Virginia Park Lodge extends its dedication to self-sufficiency to your post-activity relaxation. Explore the picturesque grounds, encompassing the serene waters of Lough Ramor, the meticulously maintained walled gardens, and the bountiful Gooseberry Gardens. 

The very produce grown at Virginia Park Lodge finds its way onto the menus not only at the Lodge itself but also across the wider Corrigan Collection of restaurants.  

Virginia Park Lodge ensures a seamless transition from exhilarating activities to well-deserved rest. The thoughtfully designed accommodations and commitment to fresh, home-grown cuisine provide the perfect environment for your team to unwind, solidify newfound connections, and return to the office brimming with renewed energy and a shared sense of purpose. Additionally, the Virginia Park Lodge team can assist with planning a corporate team building escape for you and your guests. With an ethos of bringing people together, your team building day here will truly be unforgettable. 

A Virginia Park Lodge we offer total exclusivity, we welcome you and your guests to dine, dance and indulge with us, whatever the occasion may be.

Nine Hole Golf Course

If you are looking for a golf break in Ireland and to play in an idyllic lake-side setting, look no further than Virginia Golf Club. a nine hole course for you to play with friends or family.

Boating & Fishing

The lough has had an angling history as long as the lodge. Pike and lake trout can be found in abundance. Spend the day by or on the lake. Use of the boat and fishing equipment can be arranged upon request for guests staying at the lodge.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Woodland Walks & Hiking

Delectable dining

Virginia Park Lodge is a unique venue in that it is owned and cared for by none other than Michelin-starred chef Richard Corrigan. His commitment to excellence can be seen in every element of this incredible venue, especially in the dining available. 

Step outside your room and explore the bountiful Gooseberry Gardens, the beating heart of the Lodge's culinary philosophy. Here, a vibrant selection of fresh, seasonal ingredients flourishes, nurtured with meticulous care. Witnessing this commitment to sustainability firsthand fosters a deep appreciation for the journey your food takes, from seed to spectacular dish.

Virginia Park Lodge understands that one of the most important unifiers is the incredible food. Sitting, eating and talking with those around you furthers bonds, creates shared memories and establishes things in common. Their culinary team, led by Richard Corrigan's vision, crafts bespoke menus to suit any event, from showpiece dinners to hearty breakfasts. Dietary requirements are expertly accommodated, ensuring a truly inclusive dining experience for your entire team. Additionally, Richard's passion for seasonal fare is beautifully matched by his enthusiasm for ingredients sourced within the British and Irish Isles. The emphasis on local, fresh produce translates into dishes bursting with flavour and a celebration of Ireland's rich culinary heritage.

Simply reach out to Virginia Park Lodge's dedicated team to discuss your specific requirements. They'll handle the rest, crafting a bespoke dining experience that complements your team building activities and leaves a lasting impression on every palate.  Imagine evenings spent sharing stories and laughter over exquisite meals, further solidifying the bonds forged throughout the day's adventures. At Virginia Park Lodge, every element, from the exhilarating activities to the exquisite dining, is meticulously designed to cultivate a sense of unity and purpose within your team.

Located in the heart of Cavan

Virginia Park Lodge offers not only a transformative team building experience but also a convenient and idyllic escape. Nestled in the heart of Virginia, County Cavan, the Lodge provides a haven of tranquillity within easy reach of major hubs.

Should you be flying over, Virginia Park Lodge is just a 50 minute drive from Dublin Airport and a mere 60 minutes from Dublin city centre, the Lodge offers a convenient escape without sacrificing the charm of a rural retreat. For those travelling from Northern Ireland, Belfast is a comfortable 1.5 hour car journey away. 

To enquire about your team building activities in Ireland, contact the team and begin planning something special. 

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